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Hannah is a Qualified Nutritionist specialising in the holistic approach to health. She supports  mothers from trying to conceive, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond with her postpartum e-book, supplements and info on how to nourish yourself when nourishment is needed the most. Her POSTPARTUM E-BOOK GUIDE is everything you need to know to have a happy and peaceful postpartum and how to combat POSTPARTUM DEPLETION. 


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Located in Coffs Harbour NSW Australia, Hannah is a professional Nutritionist who specialises in nutritional therapy, gut health, holistic health, postpartum nourishment and pregnancy nutrition. She is committed to forming relationships with clients looking to holistically change their relationship with food and nourish new mums in their postpartum period. Hannah is a mother herself and knows first hand how important pregnancy and postpartum nutrition is and how vulnerable this stage of women’s life can be. 

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From an early age Hannah has always been interested in healthy ways to eat. But when she dealt with her own anxiety she found herself researching ways to fix herself, she noticed a huge connection between what we eat and how we feel, she realised the gut-mind connection was very powerful and had only really been starting to be explored, this is what sparked her journey to do a degree in nutrition and kickstart her own wellness lifestyle. She has learnt many ways to heal the gut microbiome, from small issues to large. She more recently had a baby and found throughout her pregnancy and postpartum period how vital it is to have quality nourishment, this is when she wanted to reach out and help other mothers. She wrote an intensive postpartum guide which she has available, has supplements and offers meal packages for postpartum mothers. Her POSTPARTUM E-BOOK GUIDE is everything you need to have a happy and healthy postpartum. Click the link below to find out more. 


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"You are what you eat" is a simple but effective way to change your approach to food. Loving your body by fuelling yourself with nutritious food is the first step in self respect. Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum can be a vulnerable time for women, but it can be the most healthiest and the most strongest time also. Giving your body what it needs to help grow your baby throughout this whole period is essential. That's why I am offering a intensive postpartum guide, supplements & consultations for mothers (or mothers to be)." 

Hannah Jones

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"Everyone knows that during each trimester of pregnancy, a woman's body changes in rapid and significant ways and there is a symbiotic relationship between mother and baby. What many women don't know is that the three months after your baby are just as important as the other three trimesters"

Kimberly Ann Johnson



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