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Green Vegetables

Get your gut health under control, your health is your wealth and the key to every disease starts in your gut. 

My gut health e-book is currently on sale (was originally a course for $350) now only $48 as an e-book!!!


In this 6 week gut health e-book it gives you everything you need to give your gut a reboot. It is written by me; a gut health Nutritionist, it has many great reviews when I originally run it as a course but wanted to give it to people alot cheaper and also easier to do in your own time at your own pace. 

It contains:

Recipes, Meal plans, Journaling, Goal setting, Work out plan, Mindfulness guide, information on: What is gut bacteria, Why is it important? Why gut health is even more important for women, how to heal your gut, tips of speeding up your metabolism, foods for gut health, how gut health effects our emotions plus more!

Hannah x 

"Thank you Hannah, I have learnt a lot and will continue on this journey. You made it easy and insightful. most rewarding programme I have done for myself. I am grateful for your time, guidance and expertise."

Sonia- Gut health programme 

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